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月曜日, 7月 03, 0018

Pixar CARS..

waiting for the official DVD to be out then buy it to let Marcus watch....hehehe...

waaa...found out that there are a couple of more rarer ones from the diecast collection for the Movie
Blue McQueen
Green Ramone

well..these are some of them i have now...and i think those few above will never appear in singapore......cause this weekend when i was at TRU suntec.. the PIXAR CARS section just shrunk to a small i guess thats thats... :(

Imagine the Playset in US are all sold out..and in here Singapore...they are still avaliable by the truck loads...too ex in singapore....49.90 per set..and there are 4 sets to collect...of the 4 sets the rarest in US would be Flo's V8 cafe..people in US are bidding up to USD40 for this set alone...dun say i did not tell you..go grab a set now..and keep... :)


Blogger Maureen said...

wow, its cool that you are able to get 2 Sheriff and Sarge. Sarge is reportedly worth a lot on the US Ebay sites! I got into Cars fever a bit too late, I only managed to get Flo & Ramone and Luigi, Guido and Tractor =/ I do hope Singapore would import more Cars, but I doubt it =(

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