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日曜日, 7月 16, 0018

nothing much this weekend..

mrs tummy getting bigger...less than 40 days away ... so try not to go out too in the was me and Marcus only....Sat...brought him for a 30 min swim...afterwhich we got home he was so tired..and slept...while i sneaked out to town...saw ChoroQ selling at bought a couple of them...also dropped by Sim Lim Square...have not been there for a hell long time..3 - 4 months..... and looked around..price of HDDs have really fallen...the Best bang for $$ is right now the SATA2 320BG from Seagate.. $169 only..thats cheap....i remembered paying nearly $210 for a 320 GB HDD in Dec....8 months and price of HDD has fallen....

Sunday.....again nothing much to do..went to collect a HDD casing from a guy ay woodlands around 1 pm..and afterwhich me and Marcus dropped by Orchard.. OG.. to take a look...saw a Toy Car Park selling for 10.90..Marcus wanted i bought it...

I must admit the Quality of recent China Made toys are getting better and better...for instance this set.. all parts fit very well..and for get 2 pcs of Diecast car too..and guess what..they are from Matchbox..!!


Blogger Mickell said...

$10.90 set with 2 Matchbox cars inside? That's value for money! :D

水曜日, 7月 19, 0018 5:40:00 午後  


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