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土曜日, 7月 08, 0018

Marcus's Bicycle repaired...

the rascal spoilt his tricycle 2 weeks back..and the tricyclec has been sitting in my decided to bring it down to Bukit Merah to do weld...yes you got it..Marcus broke the bike....metal bicycle also can break...see how destructive he is...

anyway..paid a carworkshop guy to weld the broken part..$3 only...and took the bike home ...gave it a quick clean up on the welded part..and painted it to prevent from futher rust...

Marcus was so happy when he saw his bike repaired..and kept saying.."papa repair..papa repair" least now he has his bike to cycle at home again..

the welded portion in Yellow..imagine the metal part gave way on both side..

Dropped by Suntec City Capsule machine area...and saw the Pixar Cars Zipper i tried it..and i compeleted the whole set.... :)...$1 per tag..not too bad..the tag is quite well done..has the name of character on the back of it..

Well MArcus's Birthday is also coming round the corner...he will be 3 yrs old liao...little does he know that his daddy has bought for him a $50 Thomas the Train set....well...daddy himself might also fall in love with it...who knows...oh the gift have to be kept from his sight till 5 Aug... :) and mrs planning to celebrate his brithday...will be a family affair....keep it small maybe...but have not decided..well we intend to do it on his 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 birthday... :)...hehehe...japanese kids also visit the shrine when they are 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 i think....


Blogger Mickell said...

Alright! Marcus' tricycle has been fixed! :D

水曜日, 7月 12, 0018 5:18:00 午後  


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