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日曜日, 7月 30, 0018

Some weekend photos...

Marcus's cousin dropped by on Sunday...he's a yr younger...but look at his built...huge...

Marcus was so happy as its been a while since he had someone over to play with him...i think i shall ask sis-in-law to make it a bi monthly event...

Sunday dropped by Taka again...nothing new....bought nothing...

土曜日, 7月 29, 0018

Weekly visit now..

from this weekly onwards ..its going to be a weekly visit to the check weekly growth of Rachel...Rachel weight is estimated at about 2.4 kg now...and her head circumference is the same as Marcus....might go for cesarean again...

anyway...after the visit to the Doc...we dropped by Taka to check out the sales as we had no other plans for the took lunch at Lucky Plaza foodcourt..after which its Taka!!

TakaShimaya again

The Tomica section was so pathetic..reduced to a small level of stocks only...last week on Tuesday they restock all the my guess is this week best time to go down would be Tuesday in the end ..did not spend much...$19

he insisted to open this i relented in the end.....he was so happy..!!!

火曜日, 7月 25, 0018


seldom post on a weekdays...but with the sale can dun post....drop by Taka after work to see any new items..and thankfully there is...i was missing the police station and fire station from the Cararama set..

Bought also 2 items for Rachel....yeah..a Pooh bear baby set..and Minnie Mouse..$5 each...

Bought this Range Rover..$10

damm have to go and change another one...i bought one with the same frequency as the Nissan Skyline Yellow...stupid...i should have called home to check with mrs...

Total Spent Today - $58
Baby Pooh Set - $5
Minnie Mouse - $5
Cararama Police set - $10
Cararama Fire set - $10
Tomy Bit Charg - $18
Range Rover - $10

日曜日, 7月 23, 0018

Sunday...Taka again

lol...went crazy....

lunch time went down to Killney Road to send some items at the PostOffice..and also to have our lunch at Starhub center..

also close a deal for dvd medias....and dropped by Taka check out items for Rachel.. :)

in the end only found one.. :)..for Rachel..

some stuffs i got.....the MotorMax is for Marcus..$5...and the hotwheels set below is his too....$15....the rest are mine....

Some pics taken at the PostOffice....and he took my Shell Petrol truck from a set i bought yesterday...

Total Spent On Sat - $100
Barbie Beach Buggy - $10
Tomica Skyline Set Vol2 - $30
Joal Construction - $10
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $15
Speedz - PitStop Raceway - $5

Total Spent On Sunday - $77
Tomy Bit Charg - $18
Hotwheels set - $15
Motor Max 1:24 Diecast - $5
Tomy Bicycle - $5
Cararama Construction Set - $10
Speedz - Speed Shop - $5
Disney Toy - $9
Joal Construction - $10

土曜日, 7月 22, 0018

Takashimaya's 10th Craziest Toys Sale 2006 till 6 Aug

found out from friday's papaer there is a crazy toy fair at Taka .. this is the mother of all toy the prices here are really crazy!!!...i was there on Friday...i was there on Sat...i wonder will i be there on Sunday?...

Friday...went to FarEast Square to have dinner before heading towards Taka for the Sale... Wife was also with us .. so when we reached Taka ..wife said..tired leh...cause she is now 5 weeks away from her due date...she said she take a rest first while we go ahead...i said me and Marcus went to the basement aread of Ngee Ann City..and behold...the Toy Fair...

lots of bargains...from Mattel Barbie Girls toys to diecast cars...waa..the 1:18 Scale diecast cars are $ that a crazy price...looks crazy enough for me..

Our Haul home.....lots of toys..for daddy and son...

night was so hot..that upon reaching home...marcus took off all cloting and ran about

For Instane this ATM machine is $15...and we found out..that it was selling at Careefour also at $15....oh well...

Also got this Korean brand Trailer for Marcus...$19.90..normal its selling at $50 at OG....

SOme other hauls.....the Tomicas were cheap $15 per set(normal its $30 )....the Hotwheels $5 each (normal theses are at $20 but 3 variants only )..the Construction vehicles...are full Metal!!!..and Spanish MAde from JOAL Diecast..its a popular brand and known for models from CAT and Volvo...bought a couple..these will not last very long there as the quantity are limited!!
The Fireman Range Rover is $13 each..hehehe..saw only 2 and i luv grab 2....and lastly the red corvette...$10!!! for a 1:18 scale it for display..or give to kid for rough play.he will luv you for

The Tomy Testarossa is $18 ( normal $59 ) ..the speedz cars are $5( normal 10.90) and the Shell station is $10 ( normal 16.90)

Total Spent on Friday - $243.90
Burago 1:18 Corvette - $10
Burago Range Rover - $13
Burago Range Rover - $13
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $15
Joal Construction - $10
Joal Construction - $10
Tomica Trailer - $15
Tomica GT - $15
Tomica Trucks - $15
Tomica Lambo - $15
HotWheels - $5
HotWheels - $5
HotWheels - $5
Korean Trailer & Heli - $19.90
ATM Machine - $15
Speedz - $5
BitCharg - $18
Cararama - Sheel Petrol - $10

Those hauls above are from for Saturdays Haul.... :) was a hectic day...morning had to go back to office for some meeting...left office at 11 am..arrive home..and left ar 1130 to bring Marcus to a colleague's house warming Ang mo took a bus down to town to change to MRT...but on reaching town...time was still ..Taka Toy fair again..!!!...

In the end did not spend much...$100 only.....

水曜日, 7月 19, 0018

Wed...mid week....

2 more days to sat....yeah.....Marcus tore some of those stickers of the car park set...but not too much damage done....

found a cheap display case from Kiddy Palace $10....its actually a playset....but i used it as a display case....going to DIY a acrylic cover for it...

日曜日, 7月 16, 0018

nothing much this weekend..

mrs tummy getting bigger...less than 40 days away ... so try not to go out too in the was me and Marcus only....Sat...brought him for a 30 min swim...afterwhich we got home he was so tired..and slept...while i sneaked out to town...saw ChoroQ selling at bought a couple of them...also dropped by Sim Lim Square...have not been there for a hell long time..3 - 4 months..... and looked around..price of HDDs have really fallen...the Best bang for $$ is right now the SATA2 320BG from Seagate.. $169 only..thats cheap....i remembered paying nearly $210 for a 320 GB HDD in Dec....8 months and price of HDD has fallen....

Sunday.....again nothing much to do..went to collect a HDD casing from a guy ay woodlands around 1 pm..and afterwhich me and Marcus dropped by Orchard.. OG.. to take a look...saw a Toy Car Park selling for 10.90..Marcus wanted i bought it...

I must admit the Quality of recent China Made toys are getting better and better...for instance this set.. all parts fit very well..and for get 2 pcs of Diecast car too..and guess what..they are from Matchbox..!!

金曜日, 7月 14, 0018

Marcus Marcus

gave me stress again....Afternoon wife called me saying.." Marcus sneeze and 3 pellets came out from his nose!!..."

Wife was shocked...i was shocked...

Wife caught him earlier playing with my packet of 6mm pellet in the morning...and kept it away from him straightaway....

dunno when he stuffed those pellets into his nose...stupid....
Came home scolded him...and he ran to mrs.."papa angry..papa angry"......brought him to checked him out..saying..if we are still worried.. need to go for xray..but he advised..that we should monitor him for any fever the next 2-3 days...hiaz....if no fever..should be fine...

Hiaz..i told mrs...should have kept a closer eye on him....

水曜日, 7月 12, 0018

Matchbox MotorCity Playset you of the boxes.. :)...i luv the playsets....