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土曜日, 6月 03, 0018

pics of Friday's home early from work....from pics you can see a blue black mark below Marcus's left eye....he fell on thursday night and hit that portion against a table blueblack like kena boxed by ppl....

He does not allow us to rub his blueblack..we know its pain..but rub rub better mah...

Wanted to take our dinner at Centerpoint Noddle house..but in the end changed venue cause afraid it might be went to FarEast Plaza Chicken rice store on the 4th storey to eat..that chicken rice store not bad....i like the rice..and this is the only chicken rice store Marcus will eat..the rest of the Chicken rice from other store ..he does not like..

Closer look at his blueblack

Tangs Sale!!!...

in the end got home at about 11 pm...and bought a pump for mrs's pregnancy...try Avent brand...the other brand Pigeon lousy...


Blogger Mickell said...

Pigeon is not lousy lah. Only not as good as Avent :)

月曜日, 6月 05, 0018 12:14:00 午後  


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