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土曜日, 6月 10, 0018

Marcus oh Marcus..

gave us so much worry...

on wed.. do not know what happen ..when he took his lunch..fist mouth ..and he complain mouth pain..and then spit the food out....wife was so angry...i came home bought dinner tried to feed him..first mouth same thing...pain pain did not eat any solid food on wed...went to see doc in evening..doc say no problem...whole day drank milk..

Thursday mrs so worried...took him to dentist to check...i told mrs..if he really got tooth ache or some sore/ulcer in mouth..he would not even be able to drink his the gave his mouth a clean bill of health..nothing...perfect set of teeth she commented.....again whole day milk

Friday ..came home early...again as i also worried...took him to TMC and saw a pade...again clean bill of health..and she told us maybe he pulled a nerve and when chewing his mouth is painful..prescribe him some "blufen" something like that a painkiller for kids..and a appetite coaxing syrup...
Fed him the painkiller and appertite thingy...and after an hour..he started eating..and we ask more pain?...he just said to us ..bite

this whole episode cost us nearly $ hope the girl is not like that....and i could not work peacefully at work..had a spat with mrs over this...but alls well that ends well....

Marcus started eating..i happy..mrs happy...i suspect this has to do with the old saying that the elder kid is jealous when the mother is carrying another child....the doc's and dentist clinical assistant said that to my wife too....oh well..who knows...



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