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土曜日, 6月 03, 0018

Found DJ...last night..

lol...was in Town last night..and drop by TRU Paragon..and found DJ...actually i dropped TRU head office a mail asking them for assistance...but looks like as usual sevice in singapore is lousy...straight away reply me in first mail said not avaliable....then i ask them did they try their branches...replied another mail..cant be found...

then i myself found them.....want a item..have to find it i have to lookr for Sarge and lizzie...the tougher of the two would be lizzie..

Marcus woke up this morning with a fever...damm...fell sick just now when he was sleeping after taking his medicine i went out to complete a ebay deal...sold something... :)...then afterwhich i dropped by Suntec to take a look at the PC Show...damm the whole place was so packed..machiam like a wet market on Chinese New Year eve..... sales ppl shouting here and the end i got a Bluetooth USB dongle for 9.90.. to connect ,thru bluetooth, up my new phone :) Motorola V3...hehehe...had to change my phone..the old LG phone reception wsa getting bad..and anyway contract just ended for the old recontract a new mobile line plus recontract my Maxonline to qualify for the Video Cam....left the PC show after 30 mins..nothing much to buy..but LCD prices have fallen quite a i am aiming for a 42" LCD for my living room.. :)

oh hehehe..btw my mrs phone contract also due liao...need to get a new phone for her too....but she says she still prefer her old Nokia ...oh well..i told her..time to get a new 3G phone...prices so cheap now....



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