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土曜日, 5月 20, 0018

Hong Mo??

damm...Friday afternoon in office around 4 pm..was in a meeting .. started feeling itchy around neck...scratch a bit..then my boss commented" how come your neck so red ?".. i was like "errr....isit?"

Then off i went to the washroom to take a look...and boy was i neck was red as a home wife told me Marcus had a slight cough ...

so in the end me and him went to see doc...$79 damage to pocket.. :( .... me had a jab for the rashes...basically whole body ...and face was covered in it....

Nurse at clinic said its "Feong Mo" ??..i think its called that...something about the body not able to react to the change in temp outside...i wonder what is the western medical term for it??..Any GPs or Docs reading??

oh well because of that "Feong Mo" i did not go out today...slept like a pig the whole day..because of the medicine doc gave.....and also at certain time..the itch was very bad....especially my feet..scratched till skin was raw slightly...



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