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土曜日, 5月 27, 0018

Friday Night

went down to Town....actually going to take a look at things avaliable at Taka Toy Takashimaya...also Friday was the start of the Great Singapore Sale.....and also to get a Thomas and Friend Train set at 39.95...but was out of stock..:(..wanted to get if for Marcus's upcoming birthday..

left office early...and got home by 6 pm.... changed and went out liao...arrived Orchard about 6:30..and took dinner at the Chicken Rice Store at Far East Plaza.. 4th floor...

weather was wet..and we brought 2 long umbrellas with her..little did we know that it was a passing cloud and after that short shower...the night was humid..and we were left struggling with 2

shop and shop.....also drop by the Toys R Us at Paragon...newly renovated...bigger and better..

bought also the Pixar Cars ...Taka had a offer buy $30 worth of Cars products..and get to buy a 1:24 scale car at $ what i bought was 2 pcs of 1:64 scale Cars.. 7.90 Mater $16.90...( strange.. Mater and McQueen was selling at 24.90 at the rest of the shopping centers ...Taka was selling it at 16.90...oh well.. )

missing the ones circled...

Mcdonalds Happy meal toys also giving out the Cars.. :)
i guess i will be happy for the next week or so... lol

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Blogger Mickell said...

Cars not shown yet. Toys already all over the place :D

水曜日, 5月 31, 0018 1:14:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

yup...theres a craze for these.... :)

水曜日, 5月 31, 0018 9:36:00 午後  


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