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日曜日, 5月 07, 0018


went down to Funan Starhub Redemption Center to collect the DV cam...i have to test case the CAM is faulty..heheh kia su...

Some pics taken when we were out...

HobbyShop at 2 model train shop there...So far i have come across 4 of these sort of model train shop in Singapore...sadly none of them carry the KATO line of trains...

After Funan drop by Seiyu Bugis..bought some baby stuffs..

Bought two paint markers last night at Popular Bookstore.. and tried adding some detil to the DieCast cars missing rear lights.. Actually i wanted to buy nail polish to try..those $1 nail polish...but decided to try out paint marker first...effect of the detail adding not too bad...


Blogger Mickell said...

The Bat Mobile doesn't have a full circular steering wheel ;p

水曜日, 5月 10, 0018 12:27:00 午後  
Blogger Mickell said...

Not bad indeed :) The rear lights of the bus i mean ;)

水曜日, 5月 10, 0018 12:28:00 午後  


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