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月曜日, 4月 03, 0018

Stupid transitlink reader..

what happen was that i was on this bus 170 travelling to Kranji MRT and was about to alight in the front you know there are 2 readers 1 pair in the front the other pair at the rear this was a short trip 170 ( meaning it would terminate its trip at Kranji MRT from Johor ).

By right upon reaching the Kranji MRT both the front and rear card reader should show "Entry/Exit"...but only one of the front reader was showing that mode..and the reader i tapped my card was showing "Entry" Only..SHIT!!!...what did that mean...well a lot of people do not know that upon exiting the bus and if you should happen to tap on the card reader showing a "Entry" Mode.....the card reader automatically deducts $1.45 ( full fare price ) plus another 65 cents...!!...Total of $2.05......dammm....

and guess what a lot of people and elderly ppl do not know about this...cause i happen to see a lot of old ppl tapping when the reader shows "Entry" Only mode......meaning Transit Link is collecting a large sum of money....and on the other hand claims that rising cost etc..equates to transport price increase........i just dun understand..why cant the front reader be kept on the Entry/Exit mode...must the reader change to Entry mode only??...and from what i understand to a technical person from Transit Link office the Entry mode is triggered by the bus's door sensor...and should only be in the mode for 15-20 seconds after doors has closed.....but this was not the case in many instances i have seen....Which the Technical person said that could be due to a faulty sensor or a slow responding door sensor...

So i called up TransitLink and complain..and today a Coporate communications lady called me to explain.. i just told her..simple...just tell me what happen to all those extra funds which commuters do not come foward to claim...?? And on the other hand Transitlink keeps on telling the public about falling revenues due to high cost and bus cheats...a bus cheats not much compared to the amount many ppl are fasley deducted due to the Entry Mode

She kept quiet for a moment ..and then asked me for my email address saying she would write to me....about it....i am waiting...once i get her reply..i will email ST forum and ask them to dig into this..Remember the old man who did some survey and ST reported that story...hehehehe.....

So tap on exiting the bus when the card reader shows "Entry/Exit" mode only!!!...


Blogger Mickell said...

Don't stop complaining until you get back your refund(s) :)

火曜日, 4月 04, 0018 12:48:00 午後  
Blogger Leonard said...

that's why i always find it stupid to tab 2 times for EZlink which is not easy at all!

水曜日, 4月 05, 0018 12:32:00 午後  


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