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日曜日, 3月 19, 0018

sAlE sALe

at OG this off so went shopping...and bought a couple of stuffs....Sat went out with him the whole day straight after his class ended at 11am....cause needed to collect a package from a buddy in Indonesia... sent me some Tomicas and exchange i sent him also some Tomicas...

now Marcus knows about the rule of buying stuff...just today when we were about to pay for the items..he kept on wanting a Red Daddy bought him...

he really knows how to pose for pics now... home at 4 pm....haha...wife had a quiet afternoon resting....and in the night went to the nearby pasar malam to walk...this week is my area at Bukit Panjang...there are concurrently 4 pasar malam operating...must be because its the school holiday week..

But as the saying goes...been to one pasar malam ... been to all.....and we let Marcus played a fishing know those game where they got a tube load of ugly looking frogs spinning round and round in a tank of water ..and hook up a frog to see what price you won...well Marcus hooked a frog..and won a fishing game...

so far he has made me play the fishing game with him 3 times last night....


Blogger Mickell said...

That's a nice shiny truck u bought for Marcus :) Wow! He even fished a frog up! That's impressive :)

月曜日, 3月 20, 0018 4:40:00 午後  


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