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日曜日, 3月 26, 0018

Much better

no more fever...but now he has very bad runny we have to get him back on track on his meal patterns.....

after this round of falling sick, his appetite for food has decrease...hiaz...

Back to the TOMYTEC i understand what it means by N gauge.

Its a sizing convention used in Railroad models and those TOMYTEC trucks and buses collection are used for the N size Rail model as add on models to the towns and citys of rail set up...waa...a KATO shinkasen Bullet Basic set with tracks , 6 car passenger compartment and ESC cost nearly $300 USD...not for me...but its a dream....hiaz....

Why i was looking up this is because i wanted to setup a model town of 4 blocks on the KATO Dio Town system..but looking at it being a N Size model...meaning all in 1/150 scale , my Tomica / Matchboxes will look like giant vehicles in the the Tomica Buses will look scale cause they are about 1/140 scale ...see how first....

Sizing Guide for rail model

  • G Scale - This is the BIG train. Great for around the tree and for smaller children, this size is one of the most popular for around the tree. Scale 1/24th.
  • On30 - This size is perfect for those Dept. 56 villages. The trains are O Scale but run on HO Scale track. If you have a Dept. 56 Village, this set is for you.
  • Lionel\O-Scale - The tradition continues this year with the Lionel Christmas set. Most of us are familiar with the popular three rail Lionel trains, which are O Scale, but there are still a handful of modelers that prefer the larger size of O two rail scale trains. Scale 1/48th.
  • S Scale - Some of us may remember the American Flyer trains of the 40's, 50's and 60's. These were S Scale trains. Now, not the most common of scales, but provides a nice balance of detail with size. Scale 1/64th.
  • HO Scale - The old stand by, this is the most popular size of trains available. Great for table tops or that dream layout, or maybe you just want a small set to go under the tree. What ever you prefer, HO Scale is the most readily available. Scale 1/87th.
  • N Scale - The second most popular scale in model railroading. It's small size is perfect for those tight on space or looking to build that giant dream layout. Don't let the small size fool you, these are highly detailed trains. Scale 1/160th.
  • Z Scale - The smallest of electric trains. Not very popular amongst modelers and operators due to its size, expense and availability of accessories. Great conversation items! Scale 1/220th.


Blogger Mickell said...

Will u let Marcus play Godzilla with your toy train model collections? ;p

月曜日, 3月 27, 0018 6:49:00 午後  


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