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土曜日, 3月 11, 0018

Mail reply from Company

well...service industry ppl in singapore have no standards...see the 2 mails i sent out to 2 different company enquiring on their reply at all...
* Irobot Roomba
* GP Batteries Singapore

they dun give a dick to lone customers enquiring about their products....and GP batteries call me after i replied to them another mail about any updates......

If you want your product to sell..reply mail to potential customers....

sad..wanted to buy the AI robot to help me do vacuuming in my home...


Blogger Mickell said...

You've said it pal. Poor service is pervasive in Singapore. Not that there is no good service here. It's just that we're so conditioned to expect lousy service more often than good service ;p

月曜日, 3月 13, 0018 2:16:00 午後  


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