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土曜日, 3月 11, 0018

i would be tooo....

put yourself in my shoes...and if someone accuse you of something ..

story goes like this.....

"Someone's Mother called his son's home..and found difficulty getting thru the line.. little did she know that the home's phoneline has been diverted to a answwering service ( a playback of a recorded message )..

Called son and told son "Call your home and someone pick up phone and hang back again!!" Son was like WTF... ( son was in the midst of preparing a presentation at 2pm to management and something like this had to add on more stress )

Son was angry , cause if it really did happen like what the mother claim ...its rude..and the only person at home was the son's wife.

Son called wife and asked wife at 4pm which her mobile phone was on...and question wife.. wife not happy cause she said she activated the answering service in the morning 9 am... Quarrel started between son and wife..... Son kept quiet..and hung back phone...cause son had a lot of work in office.. son have been returning home late at about 8 pm since Wed...

That night son got home...checked all Caller ID in home's phone ( Son has total 5 sets of phone with caller ID ) and none of the phone registered any call except son's phone call at 8 pm that night.... So do you think SOn should be piss with Mother?? "

I would if I am son....damm.....anyway none of the story above is true...any similarity is just pure coincidence..


Blogger Mickell said...

I'd be pissed too if i were the son ;p

月曜日, 3月 13, 0018 2:18:00 午後  


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