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日曜日, 2月 26, 0018


haha...spent nearly $300 today...some on G2000 bought 2 pair of pants..and 2 long sleeves from Seiyu Bugis..$76 total

Then at OG bought the following
Takara Choro Multi Storey carpark $49.90
Petrol Station $17.90
Additional Car $8.90
Track and car $19.90
Addtional Track $6.90
Total Damage : $103.50

ha...and before this..was at OG Chinatown..bought some tomicas..
Tomica Limited S-Series No.0001,No.0002 and No.0006 $5 each...$15
4 Tomica Limited Cars .. $38.50
Total Damage : $50.80


Blogger Mickell said...

Looks like all these self-inflicted "damages" of yours will probably not end anytime soon ;p

木曜日, 3月 02, 0018 5:22:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said... into Star Wars

金曜日, 3月 03, 0018 7:08:00 午前  


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