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月曜日, 2月 20, 0018


Citroen Truck Team..

well Matchbox convoy series i added some more to it...hehehe..and yesterday dropped by China Square central near Chinatown...hell of a lot of collectors toys...but all not my just look look see see....Now i want to complete my DHL Matchbox Collection...bought the DHL plane yesterday i must find the DHL truck

The DHL truck i am looking for..

Wife went for scan on Saturday..and guess it might be a girl girl girl...but her morning sickness is no better..imagine her weight dropped slightly...Marcus has a slight brough him to see doctor....he still does not really want to take medicine from a spoon...sometimes still have to force him to take it...

now currently watching BLEACH...hmm a bit strange. Ichigo can force his Death God out....

Boss will be back today ...hiaz 2 weeks without him in office


Blogger Mickell said...

I remember using the syringe to feed my son cough syrup. We had to use the "hamburger manouver" to get him to take his cough syrup. It's done by making him lie down and pressing his arms straight against the side of his face. With his face sandwiched between his two straightened arms, he looks like a hamburger. Hence the term. Now my son is so used to taking cough syrup until he doesn't resist it anymore. He just lets us feed him normally with a spoon ;p

水曜日, 2月 22, 0018 6:29:00 午後  
Blogger Mickell said...

Do u keep all all your toys wrapped up? Or do you take them out to play? :)

水曜日, 2月 22, 0018 6:30:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

ha...normally the matchbox ones...i keep them in there...but some models i will take out to

水曜日, 2月 22, 0018 9:26:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

but sometimes marcus will come and tell me to open them up..i just

金曜日, 2月 24, 0018 7:53:00 午前  


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