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日曜日, 2月 05, 0018

Sat yesterday nothing much

except received a package from Vpost...that cost nearly $95 to ship....from the US

Really hate these parcel/package delivery long as they ring the door bell. They expect us to "zoom" to the door to open and received them..and within seconds no response from occupants of unit..they will proceed to drop a delivery failed notice at the door..well this happened to me a couple of times...and am pretty piss with them parcel/package delivery man especially those from Singpost!!Again the same thing happened for this package..and called up singpost and screwed them at 12 noon...and within 1 and the half hours...Package redelivered again

These are the best dvd media dye in the world..produced by TaiyoYuden of Japan..

well a question...go find a "That's" DVD media which is produced by only TaiyoTuden Japan in singapore...chances are you cant find it..and even if you cost $5 to $6 for a pc...which so far only Storage Studio Singapore at Sim Lim Square is selling...and Japan is selling them only at $1 plus a pc....bought 100 plus pcs when i was in japan the last trip.. I want to go to japan again!!!..

oh BTW if cant find the "That's" media..also can go for FujiFilm DVD media...but make sure its a MIJ(Made in Japan) one..there are two variants in the Market..for the FujiFilm one.. MIT(Made in Taiwan) and MIJ(Made in Japan)


Blogger Mickell said...

I remember That's cassette audio tapes being the ones which reproduced the best sound quality :)

月曜日, 2月 06, 0018 3:47:00 午後  


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