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金曜日, 2月 17, 0018

Hiaz sian..

could not sleep well...just woke up..and its now 3:30 am..woke up at 3 busy in office..and my wife's morning sickness is no better...all come down to to me..attention to my wife also to me...

hiaz......also VP in fab changing soon...another headache...

saw in the if teenages stay out late..and bumped into police..police will take down particulars and send letter to parents about that...errr taxpayers money again...will this solve any thing??..


Blogger Mickell said...

Teenagers really ought not to loiter outside after 2300 hours. It's for their own safety. They are more likely to become victims of crime and become perpetrators of crime themselves during those time ;p

水曜日, 2月 22, 0018 6:33:00 午後  


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