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月曜日, 2月 27, 0018

heres the Multi Storey track..Choro

Marcus was so happy when i brought home the item last evening...came and begged me to open it up before dinner...

Track took nearly 1 hour to set up as Marcus was also busy wanting to i am only missing the Traffic light...but i dun think i want to get it...if i can find it in Singapore..will get it..if not..i will just drop it...anyway..when i checked with the Salesgirl at OG Albert..she told me that this item was introduced last yr..and all the remaining stocks they have right at this moment..have been nearly cleared off by btw..they are selling it cheaper than i still save some $$ buying them now.....
haha...playing with this cars.... need lots of battery..and they are not using the normal AA or AAA batts..using the N Size batt.. 1.5 V only...i think i will mod one of them to force more current make it speed

Marcus must be one of the luckiest and happiest kid in his age...where got father buy so expensive toy for kids to play at this age...haha...Marcus enjoy..daddy also enjoy..and Mummy sit there watching us enjoy....

still more worth it then spending $$ on rebonding...etc..where item is not btw..i think these items will be collector's item 20 yrs time

View of the Cars i showing 4 only

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Blogger Mickell said...

That track you've assembled for your son Marcus to play sure looks like a lot of fun! :)

木曜日, 3月 02, 0018 5:21:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

yup i also enjoyed it...

金曜日, 3月 03, 0018 7:08:00 午前  


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