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土曜日, 2月 25, 0018

good deal !!!

another good deal found...thanks to my doctor friend MAC.... :) called me yesterday telling me that there is someone selling a system for a price of $150...hahaha..seems the guy do not know how to set up the s ystem on that complicated board...

All parts are confirmed working. Just that the 2600+ cpu does not show/detect at "athlonXP 2600+" As shown. Take it, test it after running and booting up at my hse.don wish to provide gurantee also for this price.take it that u bought a 1080mhz/650mhz system that runs at 2600+'s speed
Start bid $120
Auction will be closed by Sunday.Collection at Jurong East st13 blk 105.

story is his cpu is a suppose to run at 2Ghz at least ..but somehow or rather he could not get it to run at the speed required....sometimes it would run at 1080 and sometimes at blur i quickly called him and tell him deal at $150 his buy now price..and also closed his item on ebay......

from the pics he posted on ebay...i saw and i knew it straight away he did not know how to set it up....ha...$150 for a NF7 board..Asus overclocker board..and AMD XP2600 cpu...CDRW , casing..graphic card..ddr266 256 ram...and power supply....hehehe...

collected item from him last night with Marcus tagging along.....actually did not want to bring Marcus along as i would be carryig the case on the bus...but somehow or rather last night he wanted to go out...he must have tot that i would be going to town ..and he wanted to go to his toys dept...

got home...fiddled around with system..and wa..haha..managed to get it to boot up at 2.2 200 FSB x 11.. ..happy enough liao....good i can use the system to connect to my projector...

haha as the saying goes " wo kio tio gu lan""i picked up cow's testicles"


Blogger Mickell said...

Gu lan is bull's penis, not cow's testicles. A cow is female, it's not supposed to have testicles ;p Only a computer expert like yourself can pick up such goodies at such bargain prices and exploit them to the fullest ;)

木曜日, 3月 02, 0018 5:27:00 午後  


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