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火曜日, 2月 14, 0018

13 yrs old need to apply exit permit...

thats what the news on the front of the changes to the enlistment act...a bit of a over reaction in my opinion .. damm 13 yr old also need to apply exit permit.. that i must leave singapore soon... i am a quitter...fiak all those tok about ppl leaving and being branded as me its just some propaganda bullshit

*can someone Tell me seriously..whats the starting payscale like of a fresh grad engineer in 1990 and now 2006..
*Tell me whats the cost of living in 1990 and now 2006
*Tell me whats the GST in 1990 and now 2006..? heard also possible of a increase in GST soon!!..
*Tell me whats the transportation cost like in 1990 and now 2006..
*Tell me how much education fees has increased in 1990 and now 2006..
*Tell me also the schools fees if of a singaporean undergrad and a foreign grad...not much of a different.. In Ozz where i was for 3 yrs..a foreign student fees for eng is like nearly $16K a yr..while a local is paying only 1K plus a yr( subsidies by the govt)
the list is countless if i go on ranting......

Now tell me why i should drop the idea of leaving Singapore....
I studied in DownUnder for 3 yrs..and i can tell you i got by with about $100 per week in accomodation and food..

... NS to me is good..but the time i served..2.5 yrs is a bit of a waste.. oppsite sex of my age grp were already working and climbing up the coporate ladder...while the grp of us male species .. pass time in camp .. pumping away..and doing lame stuffs like cleaning up the road...cookhouse...etc.. 1 yr of national service would be enough...

Programme should be like this
3 months BMT
6 months trade course
final 3 months operational.

Also the yrly called up of ICT (In Camp Trainning).. to me calling up 200 ppl for a 7 days ICT for range(live firing) whereby each person shoots off less than 50 rounds..and spend like 5 days in camp doing/preparing that...worth it??..what have we gained??.. i really much taxpayers money goes in ICT expenses...



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