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金曜日, 1月 13, 0018

Well ..hate you hate me.. why like that

again..she did it and this time got caught in the act...midget tried to impersonate XLX by creating a Hate site..but backfire on her instead...

The hate site which XX created where she made a terrible mistake. Well BM's smart friend figured it out...
What Wendy did was to create a new blog, presumably the Hate Site, using her 'XiaXue' account, then proceeded to change her Display Name to 'XiaLanXue' to post entries for the Hate Site.

However, when Wendy posted her entries in her own blog, she FORGOT to change the Display Name back to 'XiaXue'.
Therefore, those two entries were posted under the Display Name 'XiaLanXue'.

Stupid we all know she has no brains to think...hahahaha...see here
From Bloglines :

From her site

Well she stooped so low to get back at others unlike what she proclaimed on her blog..childish..if BM and XLX decided to pursure this matter in the courts i wonder how it would turn out...Also funny is that the article keeps on disappearing and reappearing again..and now its back again at here Well at least the editors at clarified.

There you have it ..drama in bloggersphere better than




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