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土曜日, 1月 14, 0018

soon i have to remove that MP3 song from papers

that if we want to put some MP3 link... knnn ... have to pay pay....oh well...i have to replace with some cheapo crap .wav file liao...the article as below. $1000 a yr for playing 10 or less songs..!!...siao....


Blogger Mickell said...

SingaBlogger said...
I disagree la.

Firstly, there is no download at all. Most of these songs resided on computer servers in China. Our blog is merely providing a http *link* to these servers. If want to prosecute, they need to prosecute the chinese servers in china! hahaha. providing a *link* to copyrighted material is not an offence.

Secondly, the entire digital chinese music scene has no tangible copyright protection at all, because the chinese people obviously did not have such a concept and copyright violation is so ridiculously rampant in the chinese music scene, that one can simply argue one is not violating a copyright that existed only in theory.

However, it would be a different matter if you *download* the song to your computer server in your company/univesrity and then you broadcast the song on your blog where the http link of the music is to your own computer server in singapore. That's an offence.

That's how internationally it works too. Eg. if blogger find out you make a http *link* to a copyrighted music, they will merely ask you to remove that link. But, in usa, many university students have been charged to court because they *download* the song to their university computer server, and then allow others to write http links to these music on the servers.

In short, those who *download* and allow others to link are committing offences. Those that merely *link*, even if they are comitting an offence (which i doubt), will merely be asked to remove the link, since prosecution takes time and money. hahaha

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