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金曜日, 1月 06, 0018

Sent my Seagate for RMA

no choice...did low level formatting also could not help at in the end ..RMA..

Actually i wanted to send down drive personally to Archieva Technology at Macpherson so that a 1 to 1 replacement can be done...and guess what called Archieva up to enquire..and they told me the "1 to 1" exchange policy is dependent on stocks...blah....What the F...never even state in fineprint on the warranty in the End i called Seagate to voice my unhappiness and concern that i cant survive without my harddisks for 2 - 3 weeks ( which was the duration needed to RMA the HDD from Archieva to Seagate and back to Archieva ). They told me to send to them direct by creating a online RMA at their webby. RMA from them will take only 3-4 working days..and the drive will be DHL back to me...yipee..just that i have to spend $4 to Speedpost the HDD to them in proper HDD packaging ( which i have from the RMAs i done previously ) Now eagerly waiting for my HDD to return...

BTW my items from Toyeast arrive...and will upload some pics of the cars soon...the HONDA ODYSSEY is very detail...and Marcus just luv it...guess he must be at home playing ( destroying them ) with them now.. :(


Blogger Mickell said...

What does RMA stand for? Reliability, Maintainability & Availability?

金曜日, 1月 06, 0018 3:49:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

its a industry standard term for RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION

hehehe...learnt something new too at my blog ...

金曜日, 1月 06, 0018 11:32:00 午後  


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