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火曜日, 1月 10, 0018

Rain again..

look at the weather...rain again....did not even do any heli flying..have to fly on simulator again...has been raining since Sat night if i am not wrong.....and also cant go jogging...

anyway..i completed wiring up my new system with all the additional fans needed for the Intel LGA775 Platform is designed on the 90nm ..and has high leakage current...flaw more heat hope Intel's so called own brand of SOI with high-k gate dielectrics will be able to build transistors that operate at terahertz speeds within the decade, while keeping power consumption in check.

SOI offers better junction capacitance, lower off-state leakage, fewer soft errors, lower operating voltages and lower gate delay than the partially depleted variety. Most important, he claimed, it eliminates the so-called floating-body effect associated with conventional SOI, or the tendency for unwanted charge to build up in the transistor body.

The floating-body effect vexes some circuit designers because the threshold voltage starts to depend on earlier states, in a phenomenon known as the history effect.

so far this is the Config of the system's cooling..
For the casing :
2 x 80mm LED fan ( for nice niah )
2 x 80mm fan for HDD bay
1 x 120mm Delta fan on top of casing ( high power fan wor...drawing 0.8A )
1 x 120mm fan on side panel ( low current draw about 0.15A )
All powered by a 230W AT power supply ( salvage from a old 486 system )

For the CPU :
ThermalRight XP120 Heat Pipe cooler (review here)
120mm Delta fan

Some pics now...later will be doing final installation.

here he is helping me...he was so excited when he saw the lights and fans spinning..

Pic of 120mm fan on top of Case...(Theory Hot air suck it out!! )

additional Thermal probe to measure temp of CPU

Fan bay cirucit attach more fans to redunant power supply


Blogger Mickell said...

Good thing you had your son Marcus to help you out in assembling your new power PC :)

水曜日, 1月 11, 0018 2:20:00 午後  


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