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木曜日, 1月 05, 0018

Racist Racist..

She had to do it again...with her senseless , tasteless generalization of foreign workers...and making them all out to be "bangala ti go" ( Bangladeshi Sex Fiends )...oh boy you never seem to amaze us with your tots.... i studied in DownUnder for 3 yrs..and it does not feel good to be look down on...well fairly the younger population of ozz are not racist..its the generally older generation of ppl who are a tad racist.

Really ..a former columnist of The New PAPER..pui pui pui...i tot the handicapped toilet saga was a bit sensitive...and now this...just because of color of the skin..and have to be classed under XX as sexual predators waiting to pounce and grab any arse or boobies...the act of molestation is not limited to neither foreign worker status, nor nationality, regardless of race, language or religion!!!

sad sad...tsk tsk..makes me hate her more.......btw..can i report her under the sedition act??..even i not black..??..

Shamelessly borrowed from Starryluvly


Blogger Mickell said...

Need more witnesses and molest victims to come out and testify it was indeed the foreign workers who ganged up using foam spray to molest the female party revelers.

金曜日, 1月 06, 0018 3:51:00 午後  


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