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月曜日, 1月 09, 0018


no work today..took leave....but damm weather...rain and rain..cant even go anywhere...only drop by Bukit Panjang buy dinner and milk powder...also there was the OSIM roadshow at the Plaza.. featuring the cost nearly 1K...pianz....but i guess its cheaper than maintaining a real need a stable for need a caretaker for it...anytime anyday you want..just hop on it and start it..

looks like some equipment you would find ina sleazy porn shop or website..actually there is a similar machine lol...called The Sybian but with attachements..blah...

I wonder where the designers got the ideal of the iGallop from??.....but i doubt any ladies will try the iGallop in front of so many ppl...Imagine if you have a flabby butt...then this will happen lol

guess i was ladies dare to test it or try it out...normally at OSIM roadshows you will see all those aunties and uncles sitting there in the chairs and leg messager to massage...and rest their tiring feets with no intention of buying at all....i would luv to see those uncles and aunties trying..

but Kids luv it..!!...hehehe...all the 8 stations of iGallop had a huge fan of kids...they tot its a kiddy ride..where you put a dollar or 50 cents into it for 3 mins of fun....

Marcus also luv it...

Kiddy ride wor...i think Osim should target kids...

Yr of the Dog....will be a new addition soon..we got Cow , Rat and Dog..

Has not stop rainning since Sat cold.....


Blogger Mickell said...

iGallop would make an expensive kiddy ride ;p

水曜日, 1月 11, 0018 2:21:00 午後  


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