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木曜日, 1月 05, 0018

Full Tower Casing....

the Chieftec FullTower i got last weekend had some issues in my perspective...well the casing is big.. cant dispute the fact...but the power supply plate holding the power supply is not horizontal... its vertical( i even emailed Chieftec Taiwan ..and they say its a old casing and they do not keep stocks of the horizontal plate) in the end i fabricated a plate myself from 5mm thick Perspex. 5mm thick Perspex is no easy to cut .. even using a Jigsaw is not easy...

Power Supply will be a Tagan 480W and a 2nd Power Supply unit for my cooling fans!!..will be installing 2 x 120 mm on the top of casing...and 2 x 120mm on the side of casing...hehehe...many huge fans...

A pic of the case itself...its really tall...

Some pics of how messy the room was when i was clearing up the place last weekend....

few hours later...looking better

hehehe copied a script from...Evelyn Lee...the referrers list..
The best way to flaunt a pair of black high heels is to team it up with a mini skirt. I’ve got a mini skirt, a pair of black high heels but no great legs to put the two together.



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