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月曜日, 1月 30, 0018

Busy day for taxi drivers

this Chinese New Yr seems a busy day for taxi driver... chances of waiting for cabs by the road side on the first day of Chinese New Yr is nearly 0% ( in my case )... so in the end..i decided to call cabs all the way for the 1st and 2nd day.....even getting thru the call sevices has a problem... busy busy day for them....well in the end I ended up having luck with COMFORT cab services...all calls i made went thru and cab came within 5 mins..

the Call services are cool....they sort of rembered the most frequent place you take the home address was tied to my mobile number..the automated service sounded like.
" .... if you want a cab to pick up at XXX XXXX road , pls press 1.
BlkXXX XXXX pls press 2.
for Operator assisted call pls press 3...

ha...also so high tech wor.....

let me count total i spent on cab these 2 days.. Cab to inlaws - $11 ..Inlaws place to grandma's place .. $17 .. Grandma's place to home $17..Second ex man..go to Parsi Ris and back..nearly $55 much so for that...

now photo whore time... :)
At my parents Place

and Marcus was preoccupied playing with his daddy's MatchBox toy cars....waa..when my bro and I were looking at the toy cars some of it were 1975 wor...old antique as the factory in England has closed down and no longer produces these cars cant even buy them now...but too bad we were rough when we were young..look at the condition of the cars

like this "duck" shaped car...1975 wor..

Photos above are the reunion night pics...hehehe

these's are the Day 1 pics...

new KTV singer???or Singapore Idol?

at my grandma's place


Blogger Leonard said...

Hi there,

thanks for linking me, i'll link to yours in a short while.

your blog is always full of IT info and pictures of your adorable son....

happy CNY!!!

水曜日, 2月 01, 0018 4:00:00 午後  
Blogger Mickell said...

Matchbox cars are of better quality than Tomica ones. It's a pity Matchbox only has outrageous-looking American racing cars now. Unlike Tomica which has a full range of "normal" cars like Toyota Crown and Nissan Skyline ;)

木曜日, 2月 02, 0018 1:25:00 午後  


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