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月曜日, 1月 16, 0018

added a baby ticker has a free item called Lilypie Baby days...good i can be constanly reminded how old the monster is...yeeks....added this in the footer of blog too...

Lilypie Baby PicLilypie Baby Ticker

yesterday MasterBedroom fan spoilt...went to town to buy a replacement fan and boy was i made to run about...

first stop fan from CK mom would scream at me..but what to $400 worth of dropped by Tangs to see have or not...and as Murphy's Law says " if i want..sure dun have..." KNN true enough..they do not have any Wall fan..they have tons of Standing fan , box fan...anything except a wall fan!!...

Second stop..Plaza Singapura Carrefour...have the fan i was looking for...and guess what..again.." Sorry sir no stock left for this model"...Fiak...i was cursing and i ask the salesguy..." Can help me check your Suntec store got stock??"..The Salesguy "Sir can you approach the Information counter to enquire?..." I was decided...arr...upstairs got Best Denki..try luck see have or not...and sure enough they have stock...but the price...Best Price somemore...KNN..Carrefour $59..Best Denki $69...i was like..about to i took the risk...go down SUNTEC to try...

Finally...arrived suntec at 3:15 PM..spent nearly 1 hour and no fan...Carrefour SUNTEC has stocks..yipeee..and it was $ bought it and went home to fit... can fit the current fitting so i do not need to drill the mounting to hold the fan again.... Original Brand Cornell wor....Clone China brand SONA....will post pics of the similarity..even the remote is the also cheaper wor...$59 compared to cornell which i bought for $100 plus 6 yrs back...anyway time to change the fan....
China Product Rules....but i only swear by on certain China Made Products niah.....but China Product "heng suay one".. so this round..i

Pic of SONA and Cornell fan comparing..

even the remote is similar...

CES 2006 last this item will be real soon..wireless USB hub...yeah!!...but i wonder how many ports and how can link up external drives with no limit...and also just need one DVD writer to share among network....good work...Belkin....on searching further...found that a brand Gefen is also releasing a similar product in April....the Belkin esitmated price will be USD$125 thats ex...but price will fall quickly...anyway its just a HUB...

Belkin has just announced its new CableFree USB Hub - the world's first wireless USB hub. This comes as great news to us as most all modern day peripherals are USB devices.

This means that your laptop for example anywhere in your room can maintain wireless connections to other USB devices such as printers, scanners, external hard drivers and even MP3 players.

The CableFree USB hub gets its functionality from Freescale Semiconductors Ultra-Wideband technology and will make its first appearance at CES 2006 this January 5th and again at Macworld next week. It is said to be compatible with more than 700 million USB devices in the market today. Each hub has four available ports and does not require any software to work. Availability and pricing has yet to be announced.

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Blogger Mickell said...

My son Shawn is slightly older than your Marcus. He's born on 30th June, 2003 :)

月曜日, 1月 16, 0018 4:46:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

so des

水曜日, 1月 18, 0018 1:24:00 午前  


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