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土曜日, 12月 10, 0017


Some pics taken Yesterday. Dropped by Tangs to get my BF2 : Sepcial Forces. Afterwhich took a train to Carrefour at Plaza Singapura.These couple of weekends before christmas.. no way can you take a would take nearly 30 mins to get from Tangs to Plaza Singapura if you were to take a bus.....

Marcus was so curius with the wordings on the Tangs paper bag

Marcus always like to wander off himself...we have to follow him and watch him...

Taken by me..clear ...yeahhhh

Taken by Mrs...not clear...boooo

Marcus love taking the MRT trains...we seldom take the train as we have direct buses to town area from where we when we took the train from Orchard to Plaza Singapura .. he was so excited..


Blogger Shuumi said...

eh... u joker leh.... the 1st pic u mosiac the faces... but u forgot the one in the reflection.... haiz...

火曜日, 12月 13, 0017 1:43:00 午前  


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