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月曜日, 12月 05, 0017

Marcus haircut is cool..

cool wor....when mrs brought Marcus for a haircut last friday.....thehairdresser decided to "draw some lines"...mrs was telling me actually she did not know what it means when the hairdresser asked.."要不要画线?"(want to draw some lines on him?) my mrs was " err ok..."...after which she paid ...and left with Marcus..on the bus she said she got a shock...

This is what those "lines" look like...waaa haa haa


Blogger Jean said...

haha way cool hair cut!

月曜日, 12月 05, 0017 11:07:00 午前  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

yeah..i also a bit stunned when i got home on friday.....

月曜日, 12月 05, 0017 1:38:00 午後  
Blogger Mickell said...

Ha, ha, ha... :D My son kept saying he want to cut hair cut botak. But each time he walks past a barber shop, he does not walk in ;p Should cut botak, then don't have to patronise the barber so often. These toddlers' hair grows so bloody fast! ;p

木曜日, 12月 29, 0017 2:58:00 午後  


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