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木曜日, 12月 29, 0017

Hi Michael...

great to see that you asking what cam i use to take those pics...hehehe...not those pro pro DSLR cams....just a simple 5 MP Ixus S500 which i bought recent from a nice gal who won it from a lucky draw..thanks to Marcus!!
info on S500 here

Well to sum it take a clear shot ..irregardless how steady your hands are...nothing can beat a pair of Tripod...also i was using the Manual functions of the cam.. most Canon DigiCam has the manual function which allows you to fiddle around with ISO setting / White balance / Shutter control ( 1 - 15sec )..etc...

I Still luv a Canon... :)


Blogger Mickell said...

I totally agree with you :) Nothing beats using a tripod for 100% steady shots :)

I know for sure because i used to take a lot of night scene shots using time exposures. There's absolutely no way i could have taken all those pictures by holding the camera in my hands :p

水曜日, 1月 04, 0018 4:17:00 午後  


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