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金曜日, 12月 23, 0017

Friday..on leave

took a day's leave today..first time taking leave after assuming new reponsibility....

went to the CC to register Marcus for a weekly story reading start mixing him with other kids...else he become country tortise..

then evening went to town...Plaza Singapura for a walk..took bus to little India then a train down to Dohby Ghuat to avoid the jam at Orchard Road...

There were some Ecudorian Indians at Dohby Ghuat buskering

Marcus favourite cartoon show on sat...Bob the builder!!..

Tried some party hat to get him into the new year mood..

Again at Carrefour..Marcus took those toy push car..and was pushing around the whole basement of Carrefour Toy Dept...if you know where the electricl items dep is...he pushed his toy car till there....

went home at 9 pm..and mrs wanted to drink some hot soup?? come got sudden urge...??..


Blogger Shuumi said...

no2 on the way?!

土曜日, 12月 24, 0017 7:44:00 午後  
Blogger bOoEsT said...

Ecudorian Indians

i saw them in UK before not sure if they are the same group..
i also bought their CD.. not sure put where liaoz. hahahahaha

水曜日, 12月 28, 0017 12:30:00 午後  
Blogger Mickell said...

Hi pal, it's busking and not buskering :)

木曜日, 12月 29, 0017 2:53:00 午後  


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