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木曜日, 12月 08, 0017

Bought a toy for Marcus...

on Tuesday...from Metro..well it goes like this..on Sunday we were at Isetan's Toys department..and Marcus was playing with a big wheeled truck..he like it so much that we have a slightly hard time getting him to leave the the end he left without much episode..

so i told wife..why not buy for him??...mrs say so thats that...

so On Tuesday worked late..and wanted to check out a bag for my dvd player....and was at causeway point.... met my housemate from Perth,Australia Daniel Cheng....well he lost a bit of a weight ..cause now he training for half marathon wor...after catching up a bit between us...i said i had to rush home as i was getting dinner for wife...i dropped by Metro and looked around for the HotWheels truck that Marcus wanted. Found it bought it wrapped it since its christmas season and its free..heehee

and here he is opening it up..



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