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土曜日, 11月 12, 0017

Marcus made me really mad this weekend

Friday while in the midst of a presentation , my wife called me and said" Marcus spilled some milk on the Canon Camera"... i was like Fuck!!!...true enough when i got home to check, the cam..its gone...$800 cam which i paid for in 2002....all chance of all came out blurry ...i was so angry with him..that i scolded him the whole night...and slapped him on his buttocks....

My wife and i were so heartbroken at the lost of that it was our first Digital Cam we bought together the only cam i have is my 4 MP Canon Ixus I...

Damm Marcus.....he cried himself to sleep last night..

Today tried to disasemble the cam...and manage to clean out all those stains on the lens...but the Cam needed some calibration all pictures came out too grainy....brought cam down to service center at Funan ..and found out if the cam is servicable...the service charge will be like $60 - 80 dollars..excluding parts!!.. i am hoping the repair cost is less than $100...if not...the batts i bought recently for the cam is 2 x 256 CF cards are wasted..the recently bought charger from EastGear also wasted....

This camera thingy spoilt my whole mood to eat no mood to go out...damm Marcus....

So now more reasons for me to get the Casio Exilm this coming PCshow at Suntec



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