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火曜日, 11月 15, 0017

I think i will be getting the S60...

Canon S60..even tot the Casio is cheap and has a 2 inch LCD screen while the S60 only has a 1.8" LCD..yes the Casios are cheap...infact see the link above and you can get a 6MP cam for less than $500 plus those brenda..its cheap..but quality wise and functions depends on your usage...if you need a simple "on and shoot" cam with no fancy manual settings...then get a casio...also uses AA batts...

i am concern about the quality of pictures coming out..and use a lot of manual settings which the casio might no support...the S60 is slighlty bulkier than the S330 which i have previously...but the S60 still uses the CF cards...just that the batts and charger will be wasted.....yes the latest model avaliable from the powershot series is the S80..but that is nearly $900 wor but its a 7 MP cam....which i do not need so high quality as i dun print A3 or A2 size...and btw the S60 cant be bought locally...hehehe...managed to get a good deal for about $450...with warranty... :D

Also the S60 has more functions and settings to play even have the "1st curtain " and "2nd curtain" flash function which is very good for night shots with impact...and cause of its weight taking pics will be more stable.....



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