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日曜日, 11月 20, 0017

Had a hell of a fright flight yesterday

was out flying my heli and testing my VideoCam on the heli...and when the heli was up about 10 ft in the air..some damm insect stung me... on the portion behing my left was painfull and i had to use my other leg to rub it...but it did not help...i risked it..i took my right hand off my transmitter momentarily to quickly brushed off that damm insect...and in doing so...nearly lost my 2K machine...lucky with practice on the flight simulator weekly...i managed to recover the heli quickly with a couple of quick finger movements...and orientation of the heli i had full control...Flight Sim Rocks!!!...

landed my heli quickly and check what bit me...and all that was left was a part of the insect on my skin...the sting...dunnow what stung me...but i guess it must have been a bee...

aLSO when i was formatting the SD card with the Cheez somehow or rather damaged my 256MB SD card..lucky it was from Kingston and warranty by Convergent systems. Went down in the afternoon and got back a brand new SD card in return...might be getting a 1GB SD card from the coming SITEX show...about $90 plus



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