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月曜日, 10月 31, 0017

just gotten the cai xiao hu dvd..

nice wor...and cheap $9.90 only..all original MTV of his...

later will upload one of his MTV....

PeterTan and Suanie wrote to me requessting to use the pic....go ahead i said....i just sent you guys the article...check your mails..


Blogger Peter said...

Thank you.

火曜日, 11月 01, 0017 12:17:00 午後  
Blogger PrawnKing said...

no worries....cheers

IMHO the newspaper cutting is very bais...thats one of the reason why singapore media came out bottom in a recent survey...even war torn countries like sudan is ahead of us...not forgetting Indonesia and malaysia..


火曜日, 11月 01, 0017 1:23:00 午後  
Blogger suanie said...

let's not get too excited mah .. malaysian media also got own problems. ST is not stupid heh got prawn behind the stone one (literally translated from a malay saying - udang di sebalik batu)

火曜日, 11月 01, 0017 2:50:00 午後  


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