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木曜日, 10月 13, 0017


remember the incident i had with my heli.... here...well i tot i shared this incident with flyers at
and guess what...some prick...gave me a neg reputation points and commented this
Very stupid thing to do! Still dare to post and tell everyone about your stupidity

machiam i was showing off and haolian that i managed to pinch the fuel line to my engine....well my actual reason was to tell ppl to do more preflight checks before flying....and i got this prick calling me "stupid" etc....well the guy who posted that comment owned up and said sorry about it..and tell me put ego aside...

Fiak...ego or no me stupid..and i fiak you back....knn....if someone call you stupid you like or not....still dare to say" we all adults"

like what this member"KAM" said
Yes, we are all adults here.

This is an adult's post:
"it's a damn dangerous thing to do and if bad things should happen, it's definitely not worth even a total damage on your heli.

I believe common sense would prevent any modeller to do that...but in the spur of the moment, maybe the mind just went blank."

or this:

"should not pinch the fuel line melvin...should just sit the heli on the floor and wait for it to still have -2 or -3 at min stick and so the heli will not move.... is paramount"

This is a childish/below the belt post:
"Very stupid thing to do! Still dare to post and tell everyone about your stupidity. "

And yes, choice of words is important to keep this an enjoyable forum to share experiences.

i agree with KAM...that comment was childish and has no basis at all.....the other comments i am ok with it..and if a neg rep point was given and comments were like those above ones..i am ok...



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