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水曜日, 8月 31, 0017

Battery Capacity ..are they really what they claim??

are they really what they claim??..2000mAh ..are they really 2000mAh?? what they claim???..

Battery capacity
The capacity of a battery to store charge is often expressed in ampere hours (1 A·h = 3600 coulombs). If a battery can provide one ampere (1 A) of current (flow) for one hour, it has a real-world capacity of 1 A·h. If it can provide 1 A for 100 hours, its capacity is 100 A·h. Likewise, 20 A for 2 hours equals 40 A·h capacity. But...

While a battery that can deliver 10 A for 10 hours can be said to have a capacity of 100 A·h, that is not how the rating is determined by the manufacturers. A 100 A·h rated battery most likely will not deliver 10 A for 10 hours. Battery manufacturers use a standard method to determine how to rate their batteries. Their rating is based on tests performed over 20 hours with a discharge rate of 1/20 (5%) of the expected capacity of the battery an hour. So a 100 ampere-hour battery is rated to provide 5 A for 20 hours. The efficiency of a battery is different at different discharge rates. When discharging at 5% an hour, the battery's energy is delivered more efficiently than at higher discharge rates.

To calculate the 5% discharge rate of a battery, take the manufacturer's ampere-hour rating and divide it by 20. For example, you have a AA cell rated at 1300 mA h (milliampere hours). The 5% discharge rate from which this rating was derived would be 1300 mA·h / 20 h = 65 mA.

recently i just got this charger from the states
The La Crosse BC-900

Specs of charger
Charges Battery Types: AA & AAA NiCd and NiMH
Input Voltage for AC/DC Adapter: 100-240 VAC
Charging Current Range: 200 mA - 1800 mA
Max Charging Capacity : 3000mAh
Dimensions: 3.0" x 5.1" x 1.5"

From the BC-900 Manual..there is a Test Mode to determine the capacity of the batt

so when i use this Test Mode on a XX Brand 2000 mAh Batt...what i got was shocking....all 12 batteries cycled using the Test Mode shows capacity less than 1660 mAh...some of them even showed less than 1600mAh....i will be doing more Test Mode cycle on other brands ( Sanyo etc )

Charging Current in Test Mode : 1000 mA
Discharging current : 500 mA

i am ok ..if the capacity after Test Mode shows +/- 10% of 2000mAh...but < 1660 mAh...thats insane.....lets see what the reponse from that company will be...i just called them up and told them about what i found out... :D :D

if they are not what they claim arent they cheating consumers??..

火曜日, 8月 30, 0017


a kind and helpful DH member sold me some parts cheap...i mean real cheap....

what i got for $120 from him
PV0393 Tail Boom R50 : 2pcs
PV0363 Main Tank
PV0364 Canopy wif cover
PV0368 Clutch Liner
PV0329 Tail Support
PV0040 Double Link : 3 pairs
AK0029 Main Shaft
AK0174 Timing Belt - 670 for R50
PV0035 Landing Skid Set
PV0360+0361 Starter shaft / starter coupling
PV0005 Flybar Control Rod : 2 pcs
PV0311 Header tank for heli, 60cc
PV0349 Metal Push/Pull Elevator Lever Set R30/50

thanks anson!!... now what i need to get still are these items
5x11x5mm Bearing for Tail
6x15x5mm Bearing for V2 Starter
PV0362 MAIN FRAME SET : $31.70
PV0358 CLUTCH BELL : $25.40
PV0359 CLUTCH : $21.90
PV0367 PINION GEAR : $7.30
PV0375 Body Mount Nut 30V2/50V2 : $5.90
PV0062 Body Mount Rubber Grommet : $3.00

Still need to spend about $100 on the rest...

ok..i think i sort of decided....go for V2 upgrade...

just the frame first.....and starter portion...

bearings...i think i will get from those bearing supplier...

like this shop near rotor hobby also.. price might be cheaper than rotor..

Shinko Bearings & Beltings Pte Ltd
Blk 803 King George's Ave #01-140 Singapore 200803
Tel : 6294 2493

DescRotor PriceOther Price

5x11x5mm Bearing for Tail

6x15x5mm Bearing for V2 Starter

月曜日, 8月 29, 0017

damm damm damm....lost orientation

went flying sunday.....first flight ok....2nd flight nearly finished liao...coming in for day end.....went up 15 storey....piro a bit...lost orientation...and down it came.... least i am happy it crash when it was in the sky..... not too bad...1st real crash when flying.....not like the previous incident when the heli was not even off the ground...and i trashed it... This crash damage not alot if i were to change to the V1 parts again...less than $80... but as usual backside itchy..going to upgrade to V2 since frame broke..., tail boom gone , ...carbon fiber blades trashed...also fuel tank was already leaky before crash ....

This pic was taken at 6:30 pm...did not take one at crash site...

at least i not heart i was learning flying.....anyway by 10 pm last night..the whole heli has been stripped down...and ready for parts replacment....also good for me to install those parts i just this question came to my mind...should i get a flight sim?? the Reflex XTR??..

funny this round not so heart pain...guess must be because i crash when i was flying....hmmm..strange feeling..

a image of what is the diff for a V1 and V2 parts..

Tabulated of Parts and cost of V1 vs V2
Part No.DescriptionPrice
Main Frame Set V1$30.50
PV0035Landing Skid Set$21.00
AK0060Tail Boom for Raptor 30$14.70
AK0029Main Shaft for Raptor 30/50 V1&2$9.60
PV0369CANOPY RAPTOR 30/50V2$9.60

The above is just if i were to upgrade to V1 for V2..

Part No.DescriptionPrice
Landing Skid Set$21.00
AK0060Tail Boom for Raptor 30$14.70
AK0029Main Shaft for Raptor 30/50 V1&2$9.60
PV0369CANOPY RAPTOR 30/50V2$9.60
PV0358Clutch Bell$25.40
PV0360Starter Shaft$7.10
PV0361Starter Coupling$7.10
PV0362Main Frame Set$31.70
PV0363Fuel Tank$11.30
PV0367Pinon Gear$7.30

on top of these..still have to add another $83 if i were to get a pair of Carbon Fiber Blades....this one than heart pain

日曜日, 8月 28, 0017

Stuffs Arrived!!

Vpost delivery came this morning....and delivered my stuffs....

*30 sized Thunder Tiger Tuned Pipe...
*GY401 n 9253 servo
*LaCrosse BC900 Batt charger

took out the charger and used it...all i can say..the charger is superb....i dun think i need to buy another charger liao...


yesterday heli flying...yeah....did airelon turning ..left to right ...right to left....will do some slow figure 8 circuit soon....

Also ...yesterday someone was selling my Dream Transmitter at i bought it......damage done to my wallet...$500.. ..the trans was new. .. as the guy was using it for a school project....even the protective plastic is still on the LCD..see pics to believe..!!

My love the Futaba 9C

only diff with thee 9CAP and 9CHP is the throttle clicking feeling...just reverse the spring and it becomes a 9CHP... i think i would still continue to use my RD6000...and use this 9C for a R50 which will be coming soon...

I still need to get a Tx case to store this expensive to drop by Sim Lim Tower next week to look see look see.....heard there sell a high quality case for $40.....

i want Marcus to be able to fly my 30 size heli by 5 yrs training him....

Yesterday evening..also went to Plaza Singapura with my love ones.....or else stay at home very boring....

more pics coming...

After getting back from town...came home...found out that the vpost delivery man came...aiya..missed my charger...espcially..the LaCrosse one....oh well...made a reschedule delivery today...hopefully he comes in the morning....

now no mood to go jogging..too tired after last night outing with family..with our terror Marcus already so tired after s 2 hr outing...i dunno how to handle another one...thats parenting....but still have to maintain...maintain....

土曜日, 8月 27, 0017 i know why my NSLU2 beeps....

lol...last couple of weeks... my MAS on NSLU2 has been beeping through the i know why

The box complains by beeping (and sending emails, if set up to do so) if free space falls below one percent of capacity. The threshold cannot be changed and considering the typical size of a modern harddisk this can be 2 Gigabytes in absolute terms! I find this quite ridiculous, especially since the limit is fixed. It appears that this is checked periodically every few hours


nows 6 am...woke up at 4:30 am just now....could not sleep

Yesterday was a long day at work...even tot i left at 6 pm....was working with my vendor on the impt task on the other side...i sort of figured out how to modify the outlook of the webpage.. hehehe ...

Also the other day was with some HR ppl having lunch in the canteen and one of them commented...."Oii..your hair not so yellow(blonde) liao.."...i was like hur....ok...i will go dye it lighter... bought the new color from Palty..chiffon biege and dye it....will snap a shot later of my hair color....

Also i have been slacking in my DVD writer review....a new LG writer is in the market..the LG-4167B...whats just additional 6x DVD+R DL and 4x DVD-R DL

usual of LG drives they are the short type ones...good for those ppl with space concern in their computer i need to get some burns done..else the distro will kill me for giving me drive and did not do any review about it....blah

Finally managed to get my PSU replaced for the latest one in the i can buy a mobo(shortform for motherboard) for my LGA775 CPU i got a while back...

金曜日, 8月 26, 0017

IMpt Task nearly done..

my "arrowed" task in the other dept is nearly completed and the top management there are pretty managment wor...president and snr side VP also impressed ...he was so happy.... that our side could help their side....blah....
all done by me...blah...i want increment..i want

hehehe...anyway i am happy that i made a impact on the otherside...but there is someone on the other side might not like it too much...hehehehe....

木曜日, 8月 25, 0017

Gmask got owned.....

gmasking.....whats thats??i was wondering..till i searched the web and found..orr...its machiam gift wrapping your phone in certain "skins"

Well the local gmask company here in singapore has done "well"..offended a user who posted online

Simple summary of story line from HWZ forums
Scenario :

1) User buys his most desired handphone (and as for most people, their brand new mobile fone is their most prized posession)

2) User decides to get phone decoratively wrapped in sticker

3) After wrapping, user realises phone gets scratched by a sharp object, in the process of wrapping like an art knife or penknife scratch

4) User goes back to person who did the job, person who did the job shrugged it off and told him to go call some helpdesk

5) helpdesk is not very responsive...

6) user decides to inquire for advice on forums etc, and at the same time goes into both email & phone collaboration with personnel from the wrapping service

7) personnel from wrapping service "told" user off for having posted on forum (is there anything wrong asking for advice and discussion on non-fabricated occurence of events?)

8) personnel from wrapping service attempted to work something out, i.e. casing replacement etc..

9) Issue was thought to be resolvable at that state, after all USER gets compensated in process,

10) However, turn of events a few days later, wrapping service decides.. not to HONOR the compensation, and further more, finds out more information about the USER, and complains to his company, (isnt this a lil.. despicable? in attempt to get user into some form of trouble?)

see thread here at SPUG

now company play punk...complain customer's employer (because he use company mail to correspond with them) that he defaming them....waaa...sibeh cheapskate......

and seeing the reply of mail from gmask ppl @HWZ to the moderators of PPCSG..i can only money sue ..sue ...thats singapore for you guys....i have to leave here me a quitter if you like.... ..PPCSG has closed that thread....its singapore..if its the states..who give a damm...

From: Clarence Lai []
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 4:44 PM
To: Lee Chee Wee (Chee Wee)
Cc: 'Jiwei';; 'Shane'
Subject: Re: Request for closing and deleting thread in your forum.

Hi Chee Wee,

Hope you understand that I have been very patient for the past one week for siaw8 post-up replies. I did not clarify do not indicate that your foum members can defame my company. My first step is always expressing an interest in resolving issues with the relevant parties involved. However, if the relevant parties do not wish to cooperate, then of course I would need to do something about it, right? I don't wish to go into legal matters but circumstances may force me to do so and you will understand if you are in my shoes facing the current losses.

These are the following defamative post-up replies:
Post #32
Upon arrival at the shop, i told the girl my request and she ask me to return 15 minutes later"
- My girl did not ask him to return 15 minutes later. I am very sure and I have checked with my staff. Normally, the wrap takes between 30 minutes to an hour or longer and most consumers know about it. There is no way that we will say or can do within 15 minutes.

"Guess what, the lady told me, "i dunno. have to tear off the wrapper and see. But have to redo the wrapper. You decide" I was shocked by her remark and ask, "what if the scratch is on the phone? she replied,"then you have to call the hotline.
- Seriously speaking, my staff has offered to peel off the wrap to check if it is scratch or hair to assure him and even offer him a complimentary wrap. Instead he seems to be satisfied and walked off. My staff even warned him that if he goes off then, we will not be liable for this mobile phone.

"Anyway at about 7p.m, i went back to the stall and show the girl the scratches on my phone and again, she gave me a non chalant response and ask me to call the hotline"
- This is not true too. My staff informed him that it is not possible to seek compensation as he had left earlier and the origin of the scratch is unidentified. He even brought my staff to a photostating machine to photostate the receipt with the disclimaer liability that he signed when he came back at 7p.m

Post #36
We had a conversation before I wrote the mail. I talk to him very long and in the end we cannot come to an agreement. Therefore I advised him an option to resolve the issue by legal way and even asked him to file to CASE if he wants. I did not challenge him.

Post #47
"He called me and tried to teach me a lesson telling me why I should not have gone onto the internet and that he could have issued me a lawyer's letter for posting online."
This is a very defamatory statement. I did not try to teach him a lesson. I only tell him he needs to seek the relevant party involved to resolve the issue. I did not say that I could have issued him a lawyer's letter online. To be honest, if I really want to sue, I would sue the forum company instead. He provided a very defamatory statement in this instance.

Post #81
May is my secretary. She did not agree to the compensation. Instead she asked him to propose how we could resolve this issue. Now everyone thinks we are compensating when all along our stand is not to compensate. That is defamative.

Post #85
The 3 options are given by him, not May. Another defamative statement to make us look like we are obliged to compensate. For your info, he has been harassing May for the past week.

Conclusion: I hope that you can look into the above posts and remove these posts + the implications behind these posts. I will send you our correspondences shortly to you for your reference. I do not want to create so much publicity and hope that you can close and remove the thread will do.

I look forward for your favourable reply.

P/S: Anyway, you still have not sent me your contact details and address. Please note that whatever reply you may have will be filed for my legal team reference.

Warmest regards,

Clarence Lai
Manager (Business Development)
G Mask Pte Ltd
----- Original Message -----
From: Clarence Lai
To: Lee Chee Wee (Chee Wee)
Cc: 'Jiwei' ; ; 'Shane'
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 3:24 PM
Subject: Re: Request for closing and deleting thread in your forum.

Hi Chee Wee,

Nice talking to you earlier. As promised, please close the thread temporarily tonight. I will let you know the post which are defamatory to my company shortly.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Warmest regards,

Clarence Lai
Manager (Business Development)
G Mask Pte Ltd
----- Original Message -----
From: Clarence Lai
To: Lee Chee Wee (Chee Wee)
Cc: 'Jiwei' ; ; 'Shane'
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 2:24 AM
Subject: Re: Request for closing and deleting thread in your forum.

Hi Chee Wee,

Just to add on, I realise that my sales have dipped 20% for all 10 outlets since the thread (that I requested you to close and delete) started in your forum. I have converted all the forum replies in PDF already. I hope that you can provide a fast reply because we may have to seek more compensation as time goes by.

I hope that you can cooperate with us by closing and deleting the thread for better relationship in future. If you are willing to cooperate for this particular thread, I promise not to pursue the matter further. For your info, I don't mind if your members are alerted by the risks of the wrapping process as stated by other threads, not the personal stuff posted by siaw8 in this particular thread.

I look forward for your prompt reply.

Warmest regards,

Clarence Lai
Manager (Business Development)
G Mask Pte Ltd
----- Original Message -----
From: Clarence Lai
To: Lee Chee Wee (Chee Wee)
Cc: 'Jiwei' ; ; 'Shane'
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 12:54 AM
Subject: Re: Request for closing and deleting thread in your forum.

Hi Chee Wee,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will seek advice from my legal team and arrange them to send you an official request. For your info, you may state the terms and conditions but your forum is still liable for your members post-up replies.

Can I have your contacts and address so that I can ask my lawyer to send in the official request?

I look forward for your reply.

Warmest regards,

Clarence Lai
Manager (Business Development)
G Mask Pte Ltd
----- Original Message -----
From: Lee Chee Wee (Chee Wee)
To: 'Clarence Lai'
Cc: 'Jiwei' ; ; 'Shane'
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 11:26 PM
Subject: RE: Request for closing and deleting thread in your forum.

Hi Clarence,
Firstly, let me introduce myself as the founder and owner of For a start, I suggest your legal team take a look at PPCSG Forum Terms and Rules. In our first and most important rule, we specifically state that PPCSG is “not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.”

In addition to that, we have reminded members prior to posting in our Gripe and Gratitude forum with As such, we are not liable for whatever our members have posted. If you’d like to sue the poster, please have your legal team look into sending us an official request and we will furnish your company with relevant information so that legal actions may be taken against him/her. That said, the thread stays on the site so that members are aware of the risk of wrapping their devices.

Please note the following. Hardware Zone may have chosen to close/delete the thread but their actions are not indicative of how PPCSG deal with such matters. Thank you for understanding.

Lee Chee Wee
Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices
From: Clarence Lai []
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 6:27 PM
Cc:; Jiwei
Subject: Request for closing and deleting thread in your forum.

Dear John,

My name is Clarence Lai from G Mask Pte Ltd. Recently, our company ws being threatened by one customer who wrote many negative Personal feedbacks about our services in some major forums. I do not wish to comment on this Personal issue but I hope that you can close and delete this thread as below.

To be honest, I have seek legal advice on how to handle the situation. I was told by my legal team that forum companies are liable for their own forum members replies in the forums. After discussing with Hardware Zone, they have already close and deleted the thread, so I sincerely hope that you can do the same way too. I understand that you are the most experienced moderator in this forum and I also understand that your committee is responsible for all forum post-up replies.

Please evaluate the thread and let me know your thoughts. If this guy is talking about Lee Kuan Yew and not Clarence Lai, he would probably be punished heavily already.

I look forward for your favourable reply.

Yours sincerely,

Clarence Lai
Manager (Business Development)
G Mask Pte Ltd

Kudos to Mr Miyagi on the Today article....Gmask .. you are famous!!! ...and you deserve it Gmask for the dip in should be more than 20% drop...all should boycott you...!!!


woke up i slept early last night....yippeee my items arrive at vpost..but irregardless of the new service by vpost " Pay on demand " .. meaning you pay as you deem fit so the items would be shipped out as soon payment is received...normally vpost ment if arrive by friday.. you will get your stuffs by next thursday....well..i paid on am i expecting my stuff on Monday??...

hiaz..looking forward to receiving those that i can fit them into my heli for sunday flight...

did i tell you guys...i have been receiving so many application/preapproved forms for me to get Platinum cards from the various banks....recently received one from Standard Chartered Bank.....

水曜日, 8月 24, 0017

Google Earth Hacks

just join this blog there there is a forum page with direct kml files to direct link to google earth

There are hell a lot of sites around the world to look at....found the Three gorges dam....some US aircraft carriers..etc...

googling earth around nevada desert,Pearl Harbour..etc

and found a military airbase....wooo...

zooming in can see KC135 air refueler , F16s , Apache Attack Heli , Chinooks

also a B52 bomber

cant remember what this are called.....orr..B1-B bomber

interesting read on US military aircraft here

BlackBirds a pair and a grey F-15

Wonder why the markings are in the sand?? help lost aliens??

Hardened air shelter

went to Pearl Harbour and found a couple of destroyers sitting there...

USS Arizon memorial

San Diego Harbour found a Aircraft carrier

and also a submarine..

troop carrier

Heli carrier


waa...also can trade like shares like that...go register a account at BlogShares

found this while reading BlackHighHeels Blog

火曜日, 8月 23, 0017


google Earth is amazing.....i found all the airbases in singapore and also the chinook's airbase....but then again ..the information might be of sensitive nature to singapore....but whoever is able to gain access to satellite images is able to see more....Apparently the west part Jurong , Tuas area is all blurred out...
Below is the map of the area i normally go joggin....the red lines , blue lines , yellow lines..hehehe

Weekend .. two of my PC items were damaged...
Firstly my Tagan 480W power supply ( cause me $200 wor )... dunno what happen PC just did not want to start and kept on blowing the 3 pin plug fuse....something must be shorted in there....but 3 yr warranty.....
Secondly my Teac floppy/w card reader spoilt...dunno what happen...cannto read any card at all....heng also got warranty...thats PC items with warranty....

today did some work..cleared off a number of back log i have been slacking....and some dept is requiring my help...damm..this dept actually i was supposed to transfer to last yr...( they requested me and promised me promotion) but my boss require me here..and also promise me the same thing....lets hope the promise is realise this yr ...

My sis-in-law just sent me her pic....the hair cut turns out not too bad...looks cute... ..she was contemplating cutting her fringe...and the hair stylist ..just snipped it off...

Another Area - Sembawang Area

月曜日, 8月 22, 0017

Google Earth.....

nice software....from google satellite images of earth...and can zoom somemore..

the area near my home....

Place i normally fly on sat or sunday morning

and sometimes in the afternoon here

Weekend nearly gone....

What did I do??..
*went to library@Esplande to borrow some DVDs with Marcus..
*fitted Carbon Fiber Blades to my heli..
*went down to SLS to collect my sample LG DVD writer...

This weekend went by so fast.....Sunday did some heli flying..The weather in the morning was cold...I was out at the flying field and it felt like Perth morning winter my heli with Carbon Fiber Blades bought off me no use getting new...a new pair cost $90....and that guy sold it to me for $50...he has done 10 flights on the blade..and blade was still new...

The Carbon Fiber Blades did help a lot...with the CF blades fitted I had to richen the engine to prevent overspeeding on headspeed...( half turn CCW )...the CF blades was lighter on the heli..hence giving me more headspeed with the old setting for wooden tried some airelon turning...but still not comfortable...

Hope all my stuffs arrive at the vpostusa location...i need those stuffs..
*GY401 with 9254
*Lacrosse Charger
*TT 30 size tune pipe

土曜日, 8月 20, 0017

Seminar at Swisshotel..

Attended a Yield Management Seminar by KLA Tencor at SwissHotel yesterday....All of Singapore's Semicon industry attened this seminar hosted by KLA..its a yearly event...and this is the 3rd time i have attended...Grace from my dept also attended with me...only 2 of us from our dept.. :(...

in the end ...lucky draw i won a USB thumb drive....i wanted a ipod also time i must tell shummi i want a ipod...the ironical thing is i told her i wanted a thumb drive...dunno why did i tell her that??...

Some pics..after the seminar .. poolside reception...whos this??...cant say.. :D

me on the center...JyyMing on left

me and the man...


Grace and me

All except Grace...

木曜日, 8月 18, 0017

We caught him at last...

at last caught him...we have been suspecting Marcus has been using the big toilet bowls we adult use...he has his own little potty for him to urine..but he prefers to use the big toilet bowl...MOH ( Minister of Home) suspected him 2 days back and caught him....last night we caught him on film....very daring wor....

水曜日, 8月 17, 0017

bus also have wor.....

last ngiht worked late...left office at 7:30 pm....actually promised wife will leave office at 6:45...but who knows work..held me off i went ..left at 7:30 ..took company bus to marsiling to get dinner...after which i board a SMRT bus .... as the bus was aprroaching the next stop ..i noticed a scrolling sign ..and found that ..the bus also have those scrolling sign indicating what the next stop will be...just like those found in the new SMRT trains....

sorry har pic a bit bad...

月曜日, 8月 15, 0017

heres the Mooncake from BeeCheng Hiang..

..taken last week.....already finish eating one box.....the box nice wor....