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金曜日, 7月 29, 0017

nice sound from my revived engine

last night spooled her up..on the header tank fuel only....ran her rich...and the sound from the muffler was sweet...a low purring longer the high pitch sound like it was dying....the silicon high Temp RTV does more oily leaks..and muffler is completely sealed...actually i was thinking of getting another muffler...but only when i upgrade to a R50 size heli.....i just had to run the engine last night as i was worried about the rust which i see forming when i disassembled the that at least the engine is well oiled after i ran her....

last night sprayed painted my tail blades to Fluor Yellow also....and looks part i will spray will be the tail fins....then my heli will look nice.....tomorrow going to retune her engine ..and do some hovering to test the power....

My items from Toyeast has been shipped....hopefully again..friday i get thing i need to do is to RTV my car's muffler to the that i do not see leaky oily surfaces on my Nitro Car.



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