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月曜日, 7月 25, 0017


lucky i found out fast....was cleaning the piston and found the piston was a goner.... :( and also discovered another engine is a .32F type ..mfg in 1993...damm... dunno parts still have or not..

Update :
Yipee have at Singapore Hobby can continue flying...dun have bother about the getting another new least fly these till its dead..then i upgrade to a R50.. :D
Total cost for those parts : $63.80 ( $38USD )

From OS Engine Website

Catalog No.O.S. Stock No.DescriptionOptional?
OSMG867222413009Screw Set 21-32
OSMG549222608003Drive Washer 21 32
OSMG912822620003Thrust Washer 21-32
OSMG308022630002Bearing - Rear 20-61
OSMG304022631019Bearing - Front 12-300
OSMG426222901000Crankcase 32FH
OSMG453022902000Crankshaft 32FH
OSMG527822903100Cylinder Liner 32FH
OSMG750622903200Piston 32FH$28.80
OSMG777422903400Piston Ring 32FH$21.20
OSMG274122904300Cylinder Head Helicopter 32FH
OSMG392622905000Connecting Rod 32FH$14.10
OSMG766622906000Piston Pin 32FH$5.70
OSMG409422907000Cover Plate 32FH
OSMG609022914000Gasket Set 32FH
OSMG241022981000Carburetor #3H 32FH
OSMG794423210007Propeller Nut 1/4 20-61
OSMG269171608001Glow Plug #8 Standard Long
OSMG282022625019Muffler #762 25F-32FOptional
OSMG257622625103Muffler Extension #762Optional
OSMG258822625508Muffler Adapter 90' #762Optional
OSMG215522990010Parts Pack 32FHOptional



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